Who You Are

If any of these sound like you, you came to the right place.

You have a great new idea for an application

If you need to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy a branded, highly-interactive application with extensibility and long-term maintainability in mind, please contact us.

You need a few enhancements to your application

Along with the changing needs of your customers, your application’s requirements evolve. Let us satisfy those requirements with brand new, exciting features.

You want to upgrade the look and feel of your application

Poor design and layout diminish the overall experience of an application. We can help.

Your application’s code base is in shambles

For your application, code maintenance is costly and feature enhancement is impossible (at least, that’s what your development team keeps telling you). Maybe it’s time for a new set of eyes to take a peak.

You’ve got bugs

Well, your application has bugs, not you. Nobody likes bugs, especially your customers. Let us squash those pesky bugs.

You want to upgrade your application to Flex® 4

With a new component architecture, skinning enhancements, FXG support and more, Flex® 4 is a required upgrade. We’ll get you there.

You want your application to realize the benefits of a Flex® framework

Frameworks are all the rage. Without them, developers struggle to implement clean solutions and jeopardize the stability, performance and maintainability of your application. We’ll help you get one in place.

You’re a Flex® developer that got in over your head

We’ve all been there. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help. We’ll be discrete.

You just like being around Flex® developers

We understand and for a modest fee, you can hang out with us as long as you like.

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