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We eat, breathe and sleep Flex®

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We hire the best and brightest

The best are 10x better than the rest.

We have tons of experience

We’ve known Flex® since it was a baby.

We work smarter

Avis® tries harder. We work smarter.

We walk the walk

We let our results do the talking.

We're based in the USA

We speak your language...fluently.

We're innovative

We think outside the box's box.

We never close

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We follow standards

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We have fun

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Who We Are

Our Technology

The evolution of the Internet has resulted in a dramatic shift toward rich Internet applications (RIA). Users are demanding interactive and robust web and mobile applications similar to those loaded to the desktop.

“The Adobe® Flash® Platform is the leading solution for building rich Internet applications offering a complete set of integrated technologies supported by an established ecosystem”

A key component of the Adobe® Flash® Platform is Apache Flex™. Available as an open-source framework, Apache Flex™ is designed to facilitate the rapid design and development of cross-platform mobile, web and desktop applications deployed to the ubiquitous Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe® AIR® runtimes.

At FlexDevelopers.com, we know Apache Flex™ inside and out, backwards and forwards…

Our Philosophy

Regardless of the underlying technology, all software applications have two fundamental components – design and functionality. While each represent a broad category of subjects, application design can be summarized as the style and layout of the application while functionality represents the features offered.

Both application design and functionality contribute to the overall user experience attributed to a software application. To neglect one in favor of the other can have disastrous results.

At FlexDevelopers.com, user experience is our highest priority…

Our Team

Maximizing the user experience requires the right technology as well as the right team.

Our team represents a diverse set of skills ranging from front-end design and layout skills to logical reasoning and highly-technical computer science skills. However, despite this diversity, our people share some common traits:

  • Experience
  • Talent
  • Passion

At FlexDevelopers.com, our team is highly-qualified and committed to your success…

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