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Training & Mentoring

Advertised as a highly productive framework for building mobile, web and desktop applications, there is a common misconception that Flex® is easy to learn and easy to use. However, quite the opposite is true.

Flex® is Flash® and, as such, it is bound to the same set of rules. Specifically, Flash® is frame-based and all logic and screen rendering is bound to the frame change and the frame rate. This concept alone introduces a great deal of complexity.

Without training and mentoring, Flex® can be frustrating and fall well short of expectations.

Fortunately, with proper guidance and instruction, developers can attain the skills necessary to build highly expressive and performant applications using Apache Flex™.

There is no substitute for experience. Benefit from our experience by taking advantage of our training and mentoring programs.


With a curriculum designed for junior to intermediate Flex® developers, our intense training programs are led by an certified instructor and deliver the highest quality Flex® education available. Develop the real-world skills necessary to fully realize the capabilities of Apache Flex™.

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Designed to share valuable Flex® knowledge and experience, our mentoring engagements foster innovation and promote productivity. Utilizing pair programming, a highly-skilled mentor from FlexDevelopers.com can improve the skills of your Flex® team while solving real business problems.

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