Why Choose Us?

We eat, breathe and sleep Flex®

It's what we know. It's what we do.

We hire the best and brightest

The best are 10x better than the rest.

We have tons of experience

We’ve known Flex® since it was a baby.

We work smarter

Avis® tries harder. We work smarter.

We walk the walk

We let our results do the talking.

We're based in the USA

We speak your language...fluently.

We're innovative

We think outside the box's box.

We never close

That's right. Don't believe it? Call us.

We follow standards

If there's a right way to do it, we do it.

We have fun

All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Consulting & Development

The cornerstone of our success is the ability to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy branded, highly-interactive and effective software solutions leveraging the robust and powerful Apache Flex™ framework.

“Designing and developing custom software solutions utilizing the Apache Flex™ framework is our passion.”

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing application or build a new one, FlexDevelopers.com has the skills and experience required to ensure your success.

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Our Process

Employing a prototype-driven development process coupled with the principles of Agile, FlexDevelopers.com integrates continuous customer feedback into the development life cycle. The result is a software application designed and developed exclusively to meet your business objectives.

Aware that your business will inevitably grow or change, FlexDevelopers.com builds software applications with extensibility and maintenance in mind. We enforce rigorous coding standards and follows architectural best practices to ensure the changing needs of your business can be met without incurring significant cost.

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Our Bread & Butter

Specializing in a technology stack of Flex®, BlazeDS® & Java®, FlexDevelopers.com is the right technology partner for your business if you’re interested in:

  1. A Java®-based legacy system upgrade or
  2. A Greenfield project targeting the web, desktop or mobile devices

The following diagram represents the high-level architecture employed by many of our applications. Of course, customization is an option to meet the specific needs of your business.

Flex Java Technology Stack

Contact us when your business is ready to build a platform-agnostic, dynamic user experience leveraging the most scalable and proven technologies in the industry…